Popup Store for Camel Active

Deck5 industrial design + communication.
Design, Displays, Branding.

Deck5 designs and implements
pop-up store
for Camel Active
at Leffers in Oldenburg

Being out and about, going your own way, discovering new things - that's what Camel Active styles are made for. The Camel Active pop-up store picks up on this attitude to life. Deck5 creates islands out of real plants, mossy clearings and tree trunks. 

The mannequins are integrated into this outdoor world, product displays and decorative islands merge into a natural scene. Spontaneity, naturalness paired with high quality are part of the Camel Active brand DNA. 

Deck5 has translated these values into materials in the design of the furniture: steel tubes meet raw wood, the construction is visible. Fine, carefully crafted details convey value and the lushly planted tubs that we have integrated into the merchandise supports make nature-loving hearts beat faster. 

The concept encompasses the atrium in the centre of the Leffers Oldenburg fashion store as well as the shop windows and the associated promotion in the Camel Active areas of the store. 

Photos: Camel Active / Deck5

Deck5 industrial design + communication.
Design, Displays, Branding
Published: October 27, 2021
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