flower boutique TENDER


Project team: Levkovich Olesya, Levkovich Vladimir, Syrutovich Vladislav

Location:    Russia, Kaliningrad, Ave. Mira, 89

Year of implementation: 2021 

Area: 70 m2

Photography: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Decorator: Anna Koroleva

Flagship interior design for a floral boutique TENDER. The task was to reflect in the interior the character and individuality of the customer. 

In each of our projects we lay down a unique concept and reveal the philosophy of the place. So in the flower boutique TENDER we have made an emphasis on creating new forms

We immediately rejected the idea of doing the console floor, as it was done in the neighboring areas. For us it was important to create an impression that will stay in the memory of the client for a long time.

The wavy ceiling creates the effect of a large, delicate, delicate rose descending over the visitors and wrapping the space around it. There is a lighting system built into the structure, which creates the illusion of depth in the space.

We created a circular refrigerator for flowers. A whole new format for work and design. The refrigerator was made of sandwich panels. The construction is completely airtight and keeps the cold in.

Published: June 19, 2022
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