Project team: Levkovich Olesya, Levkovich Vladimir, Syrutovich Vladislav

Location:    Russia, Svetlogorsk, Lenina 14

Year of implementation: 2021 

Area: 200 м2

Photography: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Decorator: Anna Koroleva

The inspiration was the unique cave lake Melissani. It is completely filled with shining, turquoise, purest water. From above, the sun's rays fall through a stone gap, refracting on a transparent surface with diamond sparks. 

This and easy to our concept. Create a mesmerizing effect of flowing highlights.

It was possible to achieve this result due to a steel sheet with the texture of ripples on the water. Thanks to lighting, we have achieved a natural play of light.

The walls were realized in the style of an artificial rock. All these elements enhance the depth and strength of the space.

They create the effect of an eco-friendly, clean natural source, where you can retire and be in your thoughts.

Natural natural lighting in the spa

Area: 200 sq.m  and ceiling height: 2.4 meters

Interesting options are obtained when the SPA is located on the upper floors.

Because light is very important for such a room.

But we are not looking for easy ways and our SPA should have been located on the basement floor.

Therefore, the task was difficult - to beat 200 square meters in complete darkness.

Published: June 19, 2022
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