Sneaker Store


Natalia & Ivan Trofimov

Toal area
65 sq.m.

Moscow, Russia

Sneaker Store – an unusual multifunctional space that transforms a shoe shop into a quiet bar at night and on weekends.

The walls are lined with built-in shop-bar transformer wardrobes with sneaker racks in part hidden by removable panels and in part allocated for storing goods in the retail area and fitted out with special pull-out tables to be used during bar hours. A bar cum cash counter is situated right in the middle of the room. A DJ table folds up into a window niche covered by a screen that during the day serves as an additional surface to displaying goods. A fold away bench allows to make room at night.

During shopping hours, the light is quite bright but dims down at night to create an atmosphere suitable for socialising. The ceiling lamps and spot illumination of the shelves help create this effect. 

All wardrobes and furniture have been designed especially for the projImageect.

Published: September 9, 2021
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