Dior's personalized merchandising platform

IWD Retail Software.
Technology, Visual Merchandising. At IWD.

Save time, efficiency and, visibility.

Dior had several processes and tools in each market that involve creating the same recommendations multiple times, and doesn’t allow them to have a global vision of local specificities.

Time is precious, so save it! They adopt IWD DISPLAY, that allow them to merge and optimize the production of guidelines and technical documents, while keeping the particularities of each market on track.

A platform, used by the entire Dior's Community.

For Dior, IWD’s team has set up processes on a unique personalized platform.

All the Dior tools used by Merchandising or Marketing are there: 2D & 3D planograms, technical documents etc.

Finally, sharing occurs in 1 click with Dior’s worldwide teams.

IWD Retail Software.
Technology, Visual Merchandising
Published: December 4, 2020
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