Origins by Enrique Tomás

Design, Branding, Strategy.

Enrique Tomás

Madrid- Barajas (MAD) Airport
T4S & T1 Adolfo 

Barcelona – El Prat (BCN) Airport

Airport Hospitality

Origins is the Enrique Tomas’ premium brand in the airport sector, now known as Enrique Tomás Experience.

A global concept design project: We carried out the initial creation of the concept, the brand identity including the naming design, the corporate image, all its graphic applications and part of the packaging.

The interior design concept for its corners -all located in airports- and the project management of its implementations.

Finally we created a solid guide for its future implementations.

The concept 

The concept that encompasses ORIGINS was born from the ORIGIN del jamón de bellota: the oak tree. 

This is the reason why the local emblem is a golden tree whose crown creates a sculptural roof that protects the place and its visitors. It is made of molded brass plates with different curvatures to provide a dynamic sensation and a set of reflections and lights that works as an identifying characteristic of the brand.

Golden airport corners

In Terminal T1 of El Prat Airport in Barcelona, is located right in center of a large flow of travelers, and the design is accessible from all angles.

In terminals T4 and T4S of the Madrid-Barajas Airport, the ORIGINS corners have quickly become reference establishments not only because they can taste gourmet Iberian products, but also because of the sculptural forms used in interior design of the boutique which immediately draw the attention of passersby.

Design, Branding, Strategy
Published: September 3, 2021
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