David Jones Christmas 2020 Campaign

Dashing Group.
Visual Merchandising, Print, Design.

David Jones

Sydney, Australia


In 2020, David Jones brought a new level of joy with their Christmas campaign. We had the pleasure to partner with them to transform the interior and exterior of their Sydney flagship store at Elizabeth Street, bringing the Christmas Spirit to life in an unprecedented year, when everyone needed a bit of magic and hope. 

Highlighting the Christmas Spirit 

We have illuminated all the exterior of the store on the ground floor, generating outstanding results. All fabricated framing and foliage were manufactured offshore and installed by our local team.

The interior of the store included 3D Paper engineered birds, Customised Garland, and wreath displays throughout all store levels. Customised Bauble decorations were painted to specific PMS colours to match the campaign guidelines. Furthermore, we produced Acrylic totems, industrial-designed cardboard cuckoo clocks, die-cut birds to planter bed wraps, finished off with premium and vibrant printed collateral.

Dashing Group.
Visual Merchandising, Print, Design
Published: March 22, 2021
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