OPSM Lunar New Year Window Displays

Dashing Group.
Visual Merchandising, Print, Design.


Sydney, Australia


Dashing has joined forces with Luxottica and OPSM to produce this vibrant window display for the Lunar New Year. This magical streetscape was created using neon flex lights and dynamic lightboxes to celebrate the year of the Ox!

We have worked on the concept, creative design, distribution, and installation to deliver outstanding results. 

This vivid window display can transport you to Hong Kong, Shanghai, or even Beijing.

Street lanterns and a unique Ox were created using neon flex lights, and the animated lightboxes call out for the new years’ greetings. The products showcased on frosted plinths and cloud window decals highlighted the evening mist.

Dashing Group.
Visual Merchandising, Print, Design
Published: March 21, 2021
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