And Y cafe interior design


Architect : Eduard Eremchuk

Photography : Inna Kablukova

Location : Russia, Rostov-on-Don

Area : 120 sqm

Type : Cafe

AND Y cafe is located on the square right in front of Don State Public Library designed by architect Jan Zanis in 1974. Surrounded by local universities which is an active center of modern cultural life of Rostov-on-Don. It is also an important cultural center of the city, with many art festivals and exhibitions taking place there. Therefore, the founder expected to have a high visitor traffic and as a number of seats and area of the place is not very big, I   had an aim to organise this traffic.

important element of the interior

Long and narrow space for an endless stream of visitors,  half of  which is an open kitchen led me to associate it with subway station. Thus, the LED screens in the space became one of the most important element of the interior which play meditative videos about urban cities, lifestyle, nature with glitch filtres.  

interior transformer

All furniture in the space painted in energetic tone of orange color. Most of the furniture is transformable geometrical stools-tables made of perforated metal and designed for quick lunch. Shapes of the furniture were inspired by Tetris cubes which are also transformable and very mobile. So the space came out very flexible and you can change its organization literally every day. There is also one long table which is designed for a big group of people. This table has a smooth top with round-moulding edges. There are two small private tables in front of tGalleryhe window for people who would like spend more time in the cafe.

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Big table is made on a local factory (with a visual trick where the top of the table staying on the legs which seems unstable, but they reinforced inside). Small chairs are made by a local furniture brand “DELO”.

The leitmotif of the interior is repeating pattern:

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Published: August 17, 2023
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