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Design, Visual Merchandising, Branding.


Olow / Iguapop Gallery


Marta Meléndez, Micaela Seresini, Anayansi Del Carmen, Joaquín Acevedo


Barcelona, Spain

Ephemeral shop window for the French fashion brand Olow that is part of the interior of the Iguapop Shop in Barcelona.

The concept of this showcase comes from a saying of Olow: "un mer calme n'a jamais fait un bon marin" (a calm sea never created a good sailor). The creative team was also inspired by Zygmunt Bauman's popular essay Liquid Modernity, which introduced the idea of "liquid modernity", which describes our era, immersed in constant change and express consumerism.

In this way, the brand is identified with a good sailor who tries to navigate keeping his principles afloat despite the changing sea, and being a slow fashion manifestation, which transmits more traditional and honest values, giving priority to quality instead of quantity.

Design, Visual Merchandising, Branding
Published: November 2, 2020
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