Vracar Apartment

Client:   Vracar Apartment

Chief Architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiyan

Leading Architect: Paulina Korobova

Junior Architect: Katarina Dragojlovic

Where:   Belgarde, Serbia

An apartment project in Belgrade was created for a young couple. The apartment is located in a new building and has large graphic windows in black frames. We were given the layout of the apartment which we could not change, as well as the flooring.

Travels, black ink and rice paper

The owners traveled a lot and found their souls in Japanese and Indonesian cultures. The task was to make a visually clean space, a setting for relaxation and tranquility. The main reference for the apartment was Japanese writing, black ink on rice paper.

Sand of the beaches of Indonesia

Therefore, there are many combinations of papyrus white and graphite colors at the junction, as well as the cold beige-like sand of the beaches of Indonesia.

Black oak

The main space of the apartment is the living room. The most important part of the space is an embedded black cube made of natural oak, which unites and acts as a center of composition.  

Recycled wine bottles

The living room has a kitchenette which is designed for cozy dinners. The material for the countertop is natural and eco-friendly, created in Serbia, and created from recycled wine bottles. We chose this material because the owner was a sommelier in the past and was a professional winemaker. 


There are two bedrooms that have small wardrobes and big beds, creating an atmosphere for sleep and rest after a working day. 

Published: February 2, 2024
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