YourStudio x Pandora Shine Launch

Design, Strategy.


Experience Design

Sydney, Australia

YourStudio designed and built a giant multi-sensory beehive on Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall for jewellery brand PANDORA to launch their new 18K gold-plated sterling silver products called PANDORA Shine.

Taking cues from PANDORA’s geometric honeycomb charm design, we designed and built an immersive 5m high installation called The Hive to replicate a working beehive.

Multi-sensory playground.

A tiny bee charm sits at the heart of Pandora’s first gold collection, 'Shine'. Taking inspiration from this powerful symbol, we created a world that brought shape to the collection, connecting visitors through every sense. This included ‘Humming Hubs’ incorporating scent and sound, LED light panels that mimic the movement of bees and the PANDORA product housed in the scent-infused stigmas of gold-plated flowers to create a genuine multi-sensory experience.

From scented stamens to gold-tipped ice cream.

A scented meadow draws guests into the golden hive. Humming hubs transmit the buzz from live hives. At the heart of the installation, the queen bee charm, housed within a golden lily flower and scented with summer flowers. As you leave, a golden ice-cream rewards you, much like the bee getting its golden nectar.

Design, Strategy
Published: January 7, 2021
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