Gin & Juice

Hannah Churchill.
Design. At hcreates interior design.


Gin & Juice is nestled within Shangkanli a vibrant food and beverage hub in Jingan district. This cosy gin bar packs a punch with its extensive gin range. Blue hues, greens and earthy textures create a warm and casual setting. Softly lit overhead planting and juniper patterned wallpaper wrap this intimate bar in botanical themes. Centered within the space is the bar. A paneled counter with wallpaper inserts and arches create a traditional familiarity. The back of the bar is made up of 12 distinctive arches forming a dramatic glowing backdrop for the gin. Divided into an array of shelving spaces allows for each gin to be individually featured. Sleek velvet seating surrounds the bar with a large semi-circular mirror on one wall reflecting the action.

A cute “follow me” sign beckons customers outside to the center courtyard. A large open space, each vendor backs on to the plaza creating a bustling community vibe.

Published: January 22, 2021
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