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La Boqueria | Munarq

Barcelona, Spain

With our partners in crime La Boqueria and Munarq, we took part in the competition organized by Mango for the design and conceptualization of their new store.

The concept of the space had to be centered around the origins of the brand, the Mediterranean culture. Without forgetting the integration of technology to facilitate the presentation and sale of products. 

The work we developed sought to present Mango with a much more organic approach. Modular spaces thanks to the materiality of the elements complemented by VR technology, digital screens, virtual fitting rooms, etc.  


We created a garden, a space where to be conscious, relax and have intimacy to prove and buy some clothes but also take a coffee.

Checkout space.

The check-out counter is connected to the warehouse directly. In this way we avoid assigning staff to move around the store and it is much more focused on sales.


The jewel in the crown. The women's retail space is the start of the whole journey through space. At the entrance we find a podium where you will find the summary of the new collections accompanied by the special offers area. 

At the back we can find a more casual area focused on the enjoyment of shopping where we will also find the virtual testers.


We restructured the men's area, giving more weight to the customization of suits and more dynamism to the sale of products.


A dynamic and playful space for the little ones that aims to help adults to be able to shop with peace of mind.

Lightweight modular furniture.

Lightweight modular furniture with organic and rectilinear shapes that combine perfect zoning.

Design, Branding, Services
Published: March 4, 2021
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