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Faces Hotel

Project Team:

Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Elizaveta Zholtaya, Daria Rogozhina             


Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya st., 5       

Year: 2022                    


Sergey Melnikov                            

Faces is a hotel located in the very centre of St. Petersburg, occupying six floors of a building on Malaya Morskaya Street.  

We were involved in the design and realisation of the interiors of the last floor. It accommodates eleven rooms, which originally had a complicated configuration: there are no front windows and the light enters the rooms only through large skylights.                                                       


with the customers, we aspired to create modern rooms for young people who prefer to stay in minimalistic and functional hotels. It was important to create a unique and recognisable style that could be transferred to other rooms in the hotel. In addition, we had a very limited budget for the project and needed to achieve a spectacular image through simple and budget-friendly solutions.                                                        


As a resault, 

we made the rooms simple in geometry, clean and bright, reminiscent of Scandinavian apartments, but added bright accents in the form of furniture and art objects.                    

Since the configuration of the mansard room has its own peculiarities due to the slopes of the roof, volume-spatial techniques were used in the design, allowing to organise the space as efficiently as possible.                        

Thus, there appeared dedicated volumes of bathrooms, which made it possible to make the second level in some rooms, where additional sleeping places were located. Accordingly, if necessary, such room can accommodate four guests.                                                        


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Published: January 29, 2024
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