Grupo Gorki

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Grupo Gorki


Málaga, Spain

Re-branding for the operative entity of Grupo Gorki (ES). It was a long journey for this 30-year-old hospitality group -one of the most famous in Málaga-, manager of four high-end gatronomy brands like Antonio Martín, Candado Beach, Gorki & Derraiz Events.

For the past years, the operative brand was taken from Gorki Selección restaurants. Now it's time to give its own form, passing over the restaurant lines and enhancing the view as an operations group.

Represent the United States
of Gorki.

Grupo Gorki gathers 3 high-end restaurants, and they're all shown in the brand within its colors in a stripped-flag.

United but

The stripped-flag can be shown as independent element of the branding, for headers, footers and signatures.

GOMA Brand Narratives.
Branding, Strategy, Design
Published: December 7, 2021
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