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No.233, Pu Chuan Street, Pu Yuan Town, Jia Xing ,Zhe Jiang Province ,CHINA   



Tao Li, Jing Duan

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Yuuuun Studio

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May, 2023

ADS ingeniously deconstructs and abstracts the traditional spatial configurations and color palettes inherent in Suzhou-style architecture. By simplifying intricate details, ADS merges contemporary minimalism with Eastern aesthetics, evoking a sense of longing and connection among viewers for the lifestyle characterized by quality and fashion.

The layout and characteristics of Jiangnan architecture have been meticulously conserved within Pu Yuan Ancient Town. Each brick, tile, mortise and tenon wooden beam reflects the time-honored skills of ancient craftsmen. Furthermore, meandering streams and old-fashioned boats nestled under the arched bridges interlace, creating a profound allure of cultural legacy and captivating natural of the Jiangnan.

Original architecture.

Located amidst a cluster of structures dating back to the Republic of China era in the trendy historic place of Pu Yuan, the COSCIA Pu Yuan Store occupies a square-shaped architectural layout spanning two floors. The primary structure consists of a modern building crafted from reinforced concrete. In its design approach, ADS has conscientiously retained numerous original columns and beams, honoring and displaying the historical imprints of the original architecture.

Sky lantern.

The trapezoidal structure positioned at the center, known as the "Ink stick," acts as a focal point, directing viewers' eyes upward as a display screen that merges practicality with artistic allure. A mirrored reflection, mirroring its shape, hangs suspended within the atrium, akin to a sky lantern, strategically intended to minimize direct sunlight. Its lightweight material contrasts with the geometric form of the "Ink stick."

On the ground floor, you'll find the cashier desk, fitting rooms, and a jewelry section. The ceiling design for the jewelry area draws inspiration from the two and four dots found on mahjong tiles. The vibrant interplay between orange and gray, alongside the contrast between squares and circles, infuses a lively and playful ambiance into the space.

This journey of minimalist art extends to the second floor, differ from the grand and elegant "ink pool" on the ground level. The second-floor floor harmoniously combines textured carpets with metallic panels, evoking the sensation of walking on terrain. The systematic arrangement of display cabinets creates an inviting space for wandering viewers, allowing them to pause and peruse items, building anticipation for the unfolding journey ahead.

Within the resting zone along the corridor, there sits an arrangement of bamboo tables and chairs reminiscent of the typical bamboo furniture seen throughout the Jiangnan area. Crafted to retain the innate form of bamboo, these furnishings exude a rustic appearance, seemingly transcending eras, offering customers a tranquil and delightful space for relaxation.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: December 14, 2023
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