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London, UK

Belstaff, the renowned British heritage brand has partnered with Specific Generic to reveal their reimagined flagship store on Regent Street, London.    

The re-opening of the 2,077 sq ft store on 203 Regent Street marks an exciting new chapter in Belstaff's evolution as it gears up to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. The store showcases the new era of Belstaff, a brand that continues to be propelled by its history, rather than being held back by it.  

Specific materials were carefully selected to convey the tensions between tradition and innovation that continue to define the brand today.

For example, smoke-hued Staffordshire ceramic tiles cover the floors, nodding to the vernacular stone that was often used on the floors of the industrial workplaces and potteries of Stoke-on-Trent, where the brand was founded. Overhead, stark lighting highlights the products and ties in with the lightboxes that are set above race cars in Formula 1 garages.  


On the ground floor, gently curved walls covered in natural clay guide customers through the space and encourage exploration, while acting as modern fixtures. Brushed stainless-steel elements add industrial touches, but are ultimately engineered for function – much like the products that they hold. Hand-hewn wooden benches and shelving take their cues from natural found objects brought home when wandering in the outdoors. The brand’s Phoenix icon is subtly stamped in surprising places on the tiling throughout, giving customers something new to uncover as they walk the floors.                                  


“During our discussion, we focused on the significant evolution of motorcycles and their importance to the brand. This led us to the idea of a future garage, which serves as the starting and ending point of the journey, a place to prepare for it, and a spot to bring back memories and souvenirs from the road.” Maja Bernvill, Chief Creative Officer at Specific Generic.     

“This is a real moment for us, as the vision and conversations we’ve been having as a relatively new team over the past two years finally come together, spatially, in our London home. Everything in the space has a reason and a purpose. This is the new era of Belstaff, a brand not held back by its history, Two Imagesbut propelled by it.” Jodie Harrison, Global Brand Director at Belstaff.                                                   



Founded in 1924, Belstaff is a modern British heritage brand with a rich history of moving people forward and equipping them with lasting apparel for life’s pursuits. Over the decades, Belstaff has created protective suits for race-car drivers so they had the confidence to go faster, wind-proof smocks for Marines to help them weather the storm, and insulating clothing for mountaineers so they could venture further. One thing is at the heart of all of these endeavours: an independent spirit. Favoured by renegades and novel thinkers, the brand’s community has a collective need to do things differently.                                                        



Maja Bernvill & Andreas Bozarth 

Chief Creative Officer Creative Director at Specific Generic 


"Specific Generic is a design office with a focus on creative direction for people, institutions and brands. We are thinkers and makers using specific creativity to inspire generic change. Our office is built upon a combination of specialists, with vast experience and deep understanding in various disciplines at the intersection of culture and commerce. We specialise in shaping brands to set your business apart. To move people, to change their way of seeing, thinking and acting".                                                    









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Published: September 28, 2023
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