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Bottega Veneta

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Seoul, Korea

A spatial listening experience for Bottega Veneta by Random Studio

To showcase Daniel Lee’s AW 2020 collection for Bottega Veneta in Seoul, we were enlisted to design a pop-up experience and store scenography. Drawing inspiration from its location next to the iconic Hyundai Card Music Library, we created a spatial listening expeImagerience based on the ‘Acousmonium’ sonic installations as pioneered by Francois Bayle in the 1970s.


Ben Kreukniet - Sound design & arrangement / Wárms Korea - Physical production / Seungmin Cha - Field recordings and daegeum flute performance 


Housed in a reflective inflatable structure in front of the building, the experience blended acoustic properties with architecture and aesthetics, nestling 24 speakers of various sizes into its voluminous walls to produce a three-dimensional sonic landscape, determined by the speakers’ varying frequency response.


Upon entering, visitors encountered an atmospheric, evolving soundscape that they can explore with their bodies, by moving or staying still. Layers of sound overlap to conjure up different dreamscapes – the gentle seascape of Ischia, the tranquility of a morning hike through the hills of Jeju Island, the bustle of New York’s streets – woven together with musical elements created by Seungmin Cha


The aesthetics of the installation were mirrored inside the Hyundai Vinyl & Plastic pop-up store next door, where we designed the product displays out of reflective materials and inflated structures. The two locations allowed for a focused experience design; one dedicated to an immersive brand experience and the other a powerful product display, with both sharing art direction and concept.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: February 5, 2021
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