Carner Barcelona Perfumery

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Jofre Roca Architects

Showroom, shop and headquarters

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Barcelona, Spain

Carner Barcelona Perfumery by Jofre Roca Architects

In the center of the city and the Eixample District, on the commercial axis of Paseo de Gracia, the new corporate headquarters of Carner Barcelona is designed. A local brand of exquisite, intense and innovative perfumes in Barcelona.                       

It is located in a building that preserves its original and typical construction elements of the Catalan architecture. The sobriety and authenticity of the designed spaces allow the values and philosophy of the brand to emerge. It is contextualized in the Mediterranean and local crafts. Likewise, the resulting homogeneous white color makes the product stand out. The strate- gies are focus in the search of a timeless project that links tradition with cosmopolitan contemporaneity, which tunes with the identity of the company.


Materiality - Uses           


A showroom and store area with office areas is planned. The spaces are diaphanous, establishing a visual and material conti- nuity maintaining the necessary privacy according to the requirements.                    

Few materials have been used, combined with each other and chosen to achieve a genuine proposal. They are of local origin and used in coherence with the project. Taking into account their characteristics, sensations to the touch and behavior with natural light. Those with low environmental impact are prioritized, such as wood for furniture and flooring. Certified from for- ests managed appropriately and respectfully with the environment. Lime and breathable mineral paints that regulate humidity, offering healthy and comfortable spaces. The lack of walls favors natural cross ventilation from the back patio to the street. The patio landscaping in plenty in a way that improves the quality and temperature of the air, the well-being of people and brings us closer to nature.


Attention to detail

All the brick and stone walls and solid brick roof vaults are white lime coated, stripping off any previous cladding. They re- main visible, with their patinas, marks and wounds that allow a historical reading. A unique finishing material in the enclosure is combined with flooring, doors and furniture made of pine wood and white steel for carpentry.                       

For the exhibition spaces, the furniture has been designed in a way that serves both for exhibition and storage. It has a careful lighting and a triple function of lighting for the packaging / corporate image, the different flasks on display and the surround- ing space. Slots to hide porcelain tasters were incorporated into the display shelf. The lighting in the premises, with a low con- sumption and high efficiency led system, has been designed in such a way that it is not present. In this way everything is well lit, emphasizing where appropriate to revalue the spaces and to display the product, which takes center stage in the exhibition area.                

For all that, personalized spaces with a unique atmosphere are designed, in tune with the essential values of a brand. The space is committed to authenticity, which allow introducing the experience of the product itself and the brand. It is an architec- tural design that allows intense and emotional sensorial experiences, such as opening a wooden cover of an elegant bottle of exquisite perfume.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: April 19, 2021
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