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DongAn Luxemporium has embarked on a new era in the retail market as it has commenced the renovation at the end of 2021. The renovation was a part of"Wangfujing Street regeneration," one phase of Beijing's largest industrial icon.

The total footprint of the mall is 11,000 square meters, with more than 600international luxury, designer and street fashion brands in the landscape. The interior design is envisioned to integrate Chinese architectural elements, scenes, and modern fashion, creating a sensory dialogue that travels beyond time and space.The vision for interior design is to stand artfully integrate traditional Chinese architecture and modern techniques, connecting to the historic fabric of the city ofBeijing to "overlap a space with visual identity".

All Design Studio

All Design Studio was founded in 2016. Specialized in working architecture, interior, fashion, art, etc., their design language always implements "design is not art, it is a discipline that serves people". 

With their works, the office established a conception and understanding where creative idea and fusion of design achieves an entirely new significance. It settles in the context of the brand DNA and contemporary reinterpretation, genuine craftsmanship, and most of all the context of an essential solution to fit each atmosphere.

The theme of the space

In terms of cultural representation, the city of Beijing is endowed with history and nature. The design elements of local culture seamlessly weave the design language thinking, paying homage to diversity and humanity.

Designer embedded bright colors and materials to represent "modernity," bringingChinese traditional building structures into "history," which offers a dreamlike image of "Old Beijing".

Featuring color and geometric elements, the theme of the space and the layout iterate the artistic and imaginative scenes.


The first floor highlights "Reshape DongAn," the first transition of Chinese architectural structure. The team evokes the design of ceilings and pillars from traditional Chinese architecture to create "a poetic steel courtyard set beside hills."

The aesthetic lightness of texture brings the collision of classical and modern decor to create a new interpretation. The color themes are inspired by elegant, neutral tones in the Song Dynasty artifice, combined with organic materials-glass, presenting a timeless classic beauty.

The first floor mainly offers collections of shoes and bags, eyewear accessories, and luxury brands, which evoke the power of fashion.


Fusion of the past and present.

Chinese architectural structure continues on the second floor, reflecting a new design language on the ceiling. The transformation of geometric patterns incorporates more modern elements, while the simplicity of the industrial style deftly carves an unique Chinese aesthetic vision.

Wander the "imaginary Dong An" to observe prominent, accommodating, more international young designer brands complement the vibrant atmosphere.


The artistic element defines the third floor, while the chamfered shape gently floats on the ceiling like clouds.

Carefully placed the various forms of the cloud as clues to create a space atmosphere full of modern artistic temperament. The low saturated light blue adds a visceral link with softness, blending with the inclusive artistic sense to deliver a layered interior experience

Chinese culture

Unveiling the third floor furthers deep-dive exploration into geometric figures, color, and form. The final transformation of the geometric form, shifting a square-shaped image flow to a smoother arc shape. The interior is designed in pursuit of the purest experience of an "art gallery," where the existing history and potential future are incorporated, unbounded, and integrated into an attractive space.

Taking a glance at the roof while standing on the escalator, the stunning and bright lights are like clouds falling. Considering the simplicity of modern architecture, the metal evokes the material's natural color. The concave and convex contours combine with brightness to increase shadows and reflections, weaken the metal texture, and create a precision-mitered sense of fabric-like quality. The visual rhythm of the space is more transparent, as if floating in the air.

A symphony for the history and the culture

The revitalized retail destination will see one of Beijing's most famous public spaces brought back to life. All Design Studio's practice brought a cinematic quality to the space through the multi-dimensional theme, color, and structure.

DongAn Luxemporium represented a beacon of optimism in a hundred years of baptism. Designers have insight from the perspective of art and culture, connecting the spiritual interface and social ideals, and practice envisaged the structure as a blueprint for a new form of the retail industry.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: May 25, 2022
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