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Rosio Sanchez

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OEO Studio

Copenhagen, Denmark

OEO Studio has created the interiors for Rosio Sanchez’s new restaurant, Hija de Sanchez Cantina in Copenhagen. Sanchez, the celebrated chef and founder of the internationally acclaimed Hija de Sanchez Taqueria and Sanchez, tasked OEO Studio to help define and realise her newest project, located in the up-and-coming docklands district of the city. 

When conceiving the restaurant’s design, Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, founders of OEO Studio, chose to use the space’s distinctive long and narrow proportions to their advantage. The restaurant’s interiors are a celebration of the design, craftsmanship and architecture of Mexico, with a tactile colour palette of vibrant hues of red and earth tones contrasted with the muted cool hues of graphite and coal that are typical of Nordic design.               

As guests enter, they are greeted by a bold colour palette and playful references that are inspired by the cityscapes of Mexico. The restaurant’s high ceilings offered a great opportunity to design a dramatic spatial experience, working with different elements to create subtle illusions of Mexican architecture. Bold accents include the ultra-marine blue and pinks found on the dusty rose hued floor and the blush Trio Tierras tiles by the Italian brand Mutina on the walls.




A large internal tree, dessert succulents and trailing greenery bring the outdoors in and are visible from the street through the floor to ceiling windows.

To reflect the restaurant’s casual, friendly and welcoming experience, OEO Studio layered architectural elements to maximise the natural light and functionality of the restaurant, with carefully designed dining spaces – from the cosy bar and dining room, to the open kitchen counter.

As guests move through the restaurant, they are greeted by contrasting colours that differentiate the various spaces within. The entrance is a deep blue, the bar and dining room shades of beige berry and blush and finally the open kitchen is a cool dark soil colour.


Each space has its own zone, with comfortable bar stools overlooking the open kitchen offering guests the opportunity to engage with their meal, while round and rectangular tables with comfortable chairs are the perfect space for friends to dine together. High stools that surround the large tree which forms the focal point of the room are casual yet private.

Of the space, chef Rosio Sanchez says: “It was very important to me that no matter where you sat, there was a unique perspective and height. I also really wanted the space to have the illusion of a long bar and to give a casual cantina feel. The different seating heights makes it very unique experience for guests, so one can try a different area each time they return – anywhere from the bar, kitchen bar, to the dining room.                

Materiality lies at the core of the project and the furniture and lighting represents the best in craftmanship, with specifically curated products from Mexico that have been custom-made for the space. Pieces sourced from Mexico include bespoke wall rugs by Mestiz, Silla I and Silla C chairs, Sillon benches and a Perchero Coat Hanger by Mexico City design studio La Metropolitana.



OEO Studio also designed bespoke tables, made from tzalam, a Caribbean walnut, which were also produced by La Metropolitana, who have collaborated previously with the Sanchez team.

OEO Studio also incorporated a number of their furniture designs in the restaurant, including the Pauline bar stools for Brdr. Krüger and the brand-new Silhouette mirrors with walnut frames for Danish brand Fredericia.

The restaurant is illuminated by Meta and Can Large pendants and Cupallo wall lamps by Mexican designer David Pompa and G-Model luminaries by Danish lighting brand Anour. The technical lighting is from Tekna and Wever & Ducré.

Hija de Sanchez Cantina has been designed to give guests a complete and holistic experience and offers a fresh take on restaurant interiors and each distinct style within creates a compelling patina to the space as a whole.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: December 14, 2020
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