Kolon Sport Hannam

Design, Services, Technology.

Kolon Sport

Architecture Firm
Studio Fragment

Lead Architect
Seo Donghan

Design Team
Seo Donghan, Lee Chanyang

Project Management


OR Studio

Photo Credits
Kim Donggyu

The brand concept of Kolon Sports is not to go to the distant nature, but to enjoy the outdoors in everyday life. We wanted to reinterpret the natural phenomena that can be experienced in the forest as urban materials.

We designed elements such as louver and grating by using achromatic materials, and the light and shadow falling through the leaves. And while walking in the forest, We wanted to design a scene where vertical trees intersect according to distance and viewpoint.

And, in general, the road means that there are no clear boundaries between where people can step on and where can't step on in the forest, but people perceive the cleared empty place as a road.

We have proposed a path through various methods of implicitly inducing movement even in a wide open space

Seoul, South Korea.

Studio Fragment / Kim Donggyu / Glint / Elletravaille / OR Studio

Design, Services, Technology
Published: November 27, 2020
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