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LEAM STORE by Marco Costanzi Architects

After an impressive restyling process, which began with the women’s building in 2019, historic luxury multi-brand Leam discloses the new image of its roman boutique by renovating the men’s store. The very first work has been to expose the archeological rough structure of the building to create an innovative and unconventional store. The client will have a unique experience in a place where heritage, beauty, innovation and sustainability blend together.                    

The boutique is composed by two different spaces connected on the  ground floor by an exhibition gallery, a long arcade in concrete and mirror that take the client to the new store area that shows up an impressive lush tropical garden. The rough concrete and precious marble are combined with common materials, such as marine plywood, transparent crystal and vegetation, contemporary tribute to the American artist Walter de Maria.                                                    

Marble blocks and iron supports outline the perimeter, highlighting the products while keeping a straightforward linearity. A second connection in black iron brings to the “Club”, a space dedicated to special projects and collaborations with artists, brands and creatives. Acid-etched silver surfaces, fiberglass displays, mirrors and concrete outline the environment, evoking subtly a Japanese influence.                    




Finally, a sculptural iron and glass staircase, which literally seems to be suspended, leads to the upper floor where the two buildings and sales areas get together.                    

The result of the demanding design process is the physical manifestation of Leam’s culture and origins.   

Design, Services, Technology
Published: May 17, 2021
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