Luxem Outdoor Store

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Design Firm
All Design Studio

Completation Date

Construction Area
189 m2

ALL DESIGN STUDIO Reveals A Snowfield Illusion of Outdoor Buyer Store.

Luxem Outdoor is an outdoor products buyer store under Luxemporium. It is located on the third floor of Dong'an Luxemporium, Beijing. ALL Design Studio created a fantastic scene of "snowfield."

The spirit of exploring infinity and self-transcendence is introduced in the space, with brighter and more dramatic colors. In this ski resort-inspired design space, the rainbow-like material creates the halo of the melting of light on the snowfield.

The feeling of an indoor snow field

The elements of the outdoor area are redesigned and disassembled, such as snowboards and ski poles, giving brand-new definition to the objects through reorganization of clothes hangers, etc.

At the same time, the concept of snow-capped mountains is introduced to create the feeling of an indoor snow field. The ceiling uses the undulating form to reflect the illusion of the mountain. The white color weakens the heavy-colored parts to create a softer texture. The ground is made of terrazzo, representing a metaphor for the sky.

White silver-tone environment

In the white silver-tone environment, ALL DESIGN STUDIO added the phantom metal, which seems like the colorful light reflected by the sunshine on the melting snow. The irregular colorful mirror decorates with a diamond lattice pattern, coated with the magic elements to embellish the visual effect. 

The ceiling design imitates the natural form of snow. The display racks are blended into the elements of the facilities in the snow field. Plus, the fitting room is an imagination of a snow block, which brings a lively and fashionable characteristic. ALL DESIGN STUDIO turns the whole space full of possibilities for exploration and creativity.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: July 18, 2022
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