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Luxemporium multibrand boutique by All Design Studio

In a scenario straight out of cosmic rays, a group of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica in 2020 has detected evidence of a parallel universe. Scientists found particles that coming from Antarctica with rules of physics that are completely the opposite. “Scientists detected a subatomic elementary particle - tau neutrino - coming “up” out of the Earth would imply that these particles are actually traveling backward in time.

At the moment of the Big Bang two universes were formed – ours, and another one that from our perspective is running in reverse. it may have spotted a link to backward and perversion. We are inspired by this concept through the processing of the time machine into a reversion which transits the solid phase into the abstract liquid form. It culminates in an extension of the non-fixed form, and the transcendent form turns into time and light again.


Main Entrance N.0

The parallel universe is blended in a deeper sense based on our concept of architectural installation, defining quadruple parallel space: parallel latitude, parallel material and color, parallel memory, and parallel mirror.

Entrance: parallelism from bottom to top, the metallic cylinder collides with the material and color of the storefront.

Moon The Space elaborates the possibility of reality and vitality by taking the advantage of mirroring, offering a unique, immersive, and mysterious space.


Shoes & Bag Area

Along with the right-hand side on the porch, we created a blue area with a collection of Top 20 best-selling shoes and handbags. 

With consideration of the desire to express parallelism in memory, All design has contributed to retrieve the form, color, and proportion of memory wall through our habitual memory. As the existence of parallel relations arising, people can be immersed in the samsara and interlacing of fashion trends. 

The circular display shelves in this blue area feed a role in the way of relaying information through this cube in a parallel universe. Our concept continued to the time device in the middle part of the room.


Clothing area

The pink space in the clothing area represents the landform on the future planet, which dedicates to describe the sand dune and castle in star wars. The color filled in this area is parallel to the blue vibe decorated in the area for shoes and handbags.


Down jacket and denim clothing

The area for the down jacket and denim clothing extends to parallelism in latitude by taking the advantage of a sense of space to present cowboy style and Arctic area. Digital snow was used to spread across walls and ceilings in the down jacket area, accompanying the decoration in the middle --- South Pole detector, which also serves as a display function.

The display shelves took the advantage of ice cubes to dedicate a sense of "cold", immersing in the shopping atmosphere.


Denim elements link to reminiscent of western cowboys, therefore, the characteristic of terra cotta shade is pretty harmonious with denim color.  


Bloom Hub accessories area

For another shop-in-shop space, Bloom Hub, we has decided to continue with the “parallel universe” concept. Bloom Hub, a brand new trendy accessories select shop, gathers hundreds of brands of jewelry and glasses. Therefore, we has created a large display shelf with the shape of “∞”, symbol of infinity.  

The display shelf, constructed by metal, is composed of hundreds of double-sided display boxes. The shape of each box is different due to the streamlined design. The boxes in the main display booth are self-luminous. The display shelf can carry 600 of items maximum.  


The inspiration comes from the journey of infinite evolution. "∞" represents infinite possibilities. The white silver space reflects illusion and nimbus. The traversal and superposition of matter and time in the same latitude implies eternity.


On the walls behind the huge "∞" display shelf are lined with white cubes, spreading out as the shape of water ripples, a continuation of the "∞", for customers and merchandise can resonate to each other. The virtual and reality changes of the space corresponds to different product categories and styles. The repeated design language connects the concept of parallel universe. Different spaces blend with each other for customers to enjoy a stylish shopping experience.


Secondary access

The beginning of the concept throughout the design also serves as the temporal scenario at the end of the store. All design created the artful installation by using 3D printing to dynamically reinforce the blurry concept of time.

Time, as invisible as the flow of water, is emerged to be quantified and concreted in the store, while we have a desire to left a beautiful record to the viewer.


Creative director: Gnial Liang, Wei Chen, Fred Li

Interior designer: Gnial Liang, Fred Li, Xing Sen Hu, Yiyi Zhang.

3D Installation: Steven Ma

Time machine construction: Xuberance

Moon the space: Young

Construction: Pu Hong

Photographer: Studio Ten - Tan Xiao

Design, Services, Technology
Published: March 5, 2021
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