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Marina Bay Sand, Singapur

Moncler flagship store designed by Curiosity appears inside Marina Bay Sands, architecture disappears to become a simple, unmissable sign in the cityscape in Singapore.

The facade itself embodies the brand identity:mimicking the curves and folds of Moncler’s classic down puffer, the first encounter with the world of the brand is already striking - visible day and night, the facade invites the visitors to an unforgettable experience within a space of contrasts.

The facade is a pure representation of the iconic shape of Moncler.

The 132 pieces of stone appear like expanding from within, like a soft stone.

The huge facade runs through three floors, in a continuous pattern of the iconic design. 


Contrasted spaces express the different worlds of Moncler.

The ice-white rooms with reflective mirror ceilings reminds the visitors of walking into an iceberg. The products are displayed on the pure white materials, looking like a brush of color on a pure blank canvas.

The colourful and expressive design of Moncler is highlighted in the immaculate environment.

In contrast, the deep dark spaces, enhanced with mirrors, create an infinity composition of warm wood and grey stones, infuse an intimate and relaxing feeling, the iconic boiseries re-interpreted and enlarged almost disappears.

The products appear like floating in contrast within the shadows of the displays.

The tension and sense of surprise created by the contrasted space, create a sense of renewed curiosity.


A play of mirrors and wall emphasize the discovery of the different collections, like a maze constantly shifting perspective: a dialogue of the opposite, verticality, horizontality, infinity, light and shadow.


The reflection also creates a connection between the two floors.


The floating stone and suspended displays reflect in the mirror ceiling, which create a sense of immateriality and future.

The use of light and the composition of the elements create a feeling of weightless, avant-garde and almost surrealism. 

A counter in simplicity and strength like an iceberg.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: December 2, 2020
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