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Beijing, China

As we live with modern lifestyle, how to create a commercial space blend with the spirit of Chinese traditional culture? ALL DESIGN STUDIO combines the temperament and spirituality of traditional Chinese aesthetics, carrying the genes of oriental culture, creating a unique design language in the context of contemporary culture. Designers explore the syncretic interpretation of tradition and modernity. If the design is a linear time cycle, we explore how to illustrate the appearance of the new Chinese style.

A colorful dream

The project is located in Beijing, a city has with splendid history and culture. The city's dynamic character and long history have inspired the store's oriental architectural structure. Stepping into the store, it is like walking in the depths of classical architecture and falling into a colorful dream.

The past and the present

The entrance serves as a connection joint point between the past and the present, fulling of the mystery and artistry of the oriental heritage.

Oriental elegance

The oriental elegance is inherited in the ceiling design at the space. The designer simplifies the traditional bucket arch structure, grabbing the visual focus, to create an oriental three-dimensional ceiling at the entrance.

Dream-like scene

This kind of beautiful and graceful artistic aesthetics has been inherited into the elegant window frame shape in the space with modern techniques. Under the reflection of the window frame glass, it turned into a dream-like scene.

Modern Chinese trendy style

To create a modern Chinese trendy style, designers extract the essence from the beauty of culture, achieving a variety of elegant or light luxury styles with different elements. ALL DESIGN STUDIO further strengthens the contemplation of modernity and tradition from bits and pieces. From the display in the store, to the traditional structure of the porch, stools, etc., through the evolution of colorful acrylic, the color deText Leftmonstration has been enriched, creating a new gorgeous memory point for the Chinese trendy tide.

A variety of oriental design elements depict the unique characteristic in a light way. The shape of the hanger is derived from the evolution of the traditional gantry. The designer picks up stone lions, face masks, etc. from the vast and magnificent culture, bringing them into this dazzling dream.

Pure and elegant

The ink painting depicts the pure and elegant charm of traditional Chinese culture. The background of the wall is a ink painting drawn by the artist on the spot. The beautiful landscape of the East has popularity among literati and writers. ALL DESIGN STUDIO interprets the cultural beauty in a modern context and interprets a new concept of "Chinese trend" miniatures.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: September 5, 2022
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