Papyrus Flagship

Design, Services, Technology.



Yongloon Choi

Hannam, Korea

Building ideal structures for different environments. This is a story about glasses, not architecture. WGNB

The design of Papyrus flagship store at Nineone Hannam began with thoughts that glasses are similar to architecture. The fundamental of both eyewear and architecture lie upon the idea of building ideal structures for different environments. In this sense, we created an ideal structure for the space by combining functional fixtures and aesthetic objects.

A set of these steel structures are covered in red coloured stainless steel, with a contrasting soft surface of suede for the eyewear display.

We used a contrasting blue colour in the rest of the areas such us walls, floor and ceiling to intensify the red steel structure.

A set of new signature lighting fixtures by Viabizzuno in collaboration with WGNB is lighting up the space.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: February 5, 2021
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