Peels Pocket Bar

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Artwork by: Arin Sunaryo (ca3a Studio)

Design by: Dendy Darman (DSS Studio)

After its first establishment a year ago, Peels is back with its new space called Peels Pocket Bar. 

Nestled within a restored Dutch colonial heritage building, Peels Pocket Bar features a rotating concept annually in terms of art pieces they showcase.

A collaborative space

This new space is fully covered with electrifying blue all over the walls and furniture to create warmth, comfort, and intimacy with anyone who comes and has a moment to spend their time to create a balanced relationship with themself.

A place for everyone

Not only offers a tailored variation of cocktails, Peels also serves attentively-curated sake in this new section. Moreover, to pursue its idea of merging alcoholic beverages, listening rooms, and arts all in harmony, Peels adds a new unique cultural and design space that draws the idea of showcasing curated local artists to be able to reflect themselves. Arin Sunaryo and Dendy Darman Studio will be the first artist to showcase their art pieces in Peels Pocket Bar. That fuzzy and avant-garde artwork of Arin Sunaryo emerges from the ideas of distorted tv abstraction (‘No Signal’, ‘Broken Color Bars’), while Bandung’s prominent artist Dendy Darman actively contributes to developing the low chairs, inspired by the retro mid-century chair with the twist, and using a fiberglass material that is beautiful with royal blue color.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: May 31, 2022
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