Peels Records

Design, Services, Technology.


Peels Records is a brand new record store, sound room and cocktail bar in Bandung, Indonesia, nestled within a restored Dutch colonial heritage building, and arrives at a much needed time where, as the store owners put it, “a third place, a place in between family and work.” Design wise, the team were going for something contemporary, with a retro palette to reflect their location and also for that homey factor.                        

Going with a retro-fitted orange interior, the place oozes intimacy and comfort with a flair of funk, just the kind of aesthetic that’s needed for vinyl-focused space that aims to grow a sense of worldly culture and community. In terms of sound, they've wisely opted for a pair of JBL 4315 vintage speakers, as well a Mastersound RADIUS4 mixer, and of course a handy pair of turntables.

Aiming to give the community a place to express themselves without compromise.

                                                                      Create a platform across Music, design and program under one vertical.                        

tie together with a focused in youth with an uber young audience, to connecting our time with the current youth generation.                        

creating the premise that differences can be a strength for the future vitality of the community.

Design, Services, Technology
Published: July 19, 2021
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