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JL. PANTAI PERERENAN NO.70P PERERENAN, KEC. MENGWI BADUNG, BALI 80351                                                        


The “achingly orange” record store and bar from Bandung opens their second location in the streets of Pantai Pererenan, Bali. The Bali location echoes the same immersive experience with a much more 1960s “past futuristic” design and feeling. Their thin LED wall lamps, triangular steel hood and a huge stainless steel pillar in the middle of the space conjures a science fiction worthy atmosphere. In combination, they also mimicked their Bandung Pocket Bar’s electrifying blue velvet furniture to balance the overall orange interior facade–a signature spatial identity that is unmistakably Peels.              


Island's tropical environment

Various new drinks and food items have been carefully curated for the location, highlighting local produce and taste notes that celebrate the island’s tropical environment. The distinguished charming kitchen (located right behind the DJ deck), focuses on serving comforting dishes that pairs well with every cocktail on the menu. A balanced flavor of sweet and savory in every bite.

Bright yellow record store

Before entering or leaving the bar, visitors will go through the bright yellow record store curated by Head Music Director, Munir. When proceeding to the bar and sound room, there's a sense of total immersion. The record collection varies from Japanese, Indonesian city pop, funk, boogie, disco, house, to dance music. Their sound system comprises a customized Altec A7 vintage speakers, a Varia Instruments rotary mixer and turntables. Peels’ Records is happy to pipe sounds of the era, it’s their given social function.

Unmistakably Peels

The approach to designing the space was to put ourselves in the frame of mind of past futuristic design, mainly those of the 1960s where the dream of future is unabashedly sensual.              

We try to conjure up an atmosphere that is worthy of a science fiction, creating a suspension of disbelief as a means of temporary escape for our patron.

A strong emphasis on color identity, consideration on textures and tactile qualities, combined with compelling angular forms, all structured to maintain a strong spatial identity that is unmistakably Peels.                                                        


Design, Services, Technology
Published: November 23, 2022
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