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Randomevent teamed up with sports brand Reebok to launch the 2022 spring limited joint shoe series. The theme of this cooperation is "TRAVEL IN TROUBLE", focusing on the various "trouble environments" that will be encountered during the journey. 

The state which is presented in different environments reflects how each pair of shoes helps young people overcome "trouble situations" and better enjoy each journey, it conveys the style and attitude of young people who dare to explore and take risks, and dare to break through the routine. 

Comes at the tenth anniversary of Randomevent, the theme is echoing the brand's spirit of overcoming adversity through its first decade.

3 shoe styles

In total three shoe styles have been launched in this cooperation which are "CLUB C", "VICTORY G" and "PREMIER ROAD", they represent three different "trouble environments". Combining with the details of the three pairs of shoes to express the cooperation theme of "TRAVEL IN TROUBLE".

Randomevent X Reebok "TRAVEL IN TROUBLE" joint series shoes will be put on sale at April 22.

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Published: April 12, 2022
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