Create projects

Create a new project

Your projects are fully customizable so you can show them in the best possible way!

To create a new project you must access your account, in the "Projects" section, or click on the "Add project" button in the upper right corner of the website (once logged in).

When accessing, you must click on the box (square or button) that says "Create a new project" and assign a name (title). Keep in mind that the more keywords you use in the title, which best describe the project, the better it will rank and the more visits it will get.
Tip: Always think about how your target audience would look for it. The same goes for all the texts and images you add to your project, using keywords of interest to your target audience.

You can design the look and feel of your project by dragging the modules you need into the workspace (title, introduction, images -with a weight of less than 10Mb), gallery, location map, description texts). You can also sort them by dragging them to the location you want.

To modify the information of each of the modules, or to delete a module that you don't need, you will see an edit bar when you pass over them in the workspace.

After the project is complete, you will need to publish it so that all Strabe users can access it. You can do it by clicking on the “Publish” button that is located in the upper right margin of the project editor. On the following screens you can add the project cover (main image that will be seen in the preview of the projects published by all users), the categories to which it belongs (in this way the platform users will be able to find your projects easily.
Tip: think in which category the public that interests you would search for it) and tags (such as a subcategory within the category, or a keyword that defines it).

The last step before your project is published will be to establish the rights and licenses of your project. You can always re-edit all the information and settings of the project, going back to the Projects section of your profile.
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