Design, Branding, Strategy.
  • Experience Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Global Design
  • Hospitality
  • Airport Hospitality


Design, Branding, Strategy.
Barcelona, Spain

COOCOOLAB is a creative consultancy that offers integral design services

Our strength is the creation of solid concepts and their translation into reality. 

We help brands connect with people.

Our field of action is focused on the design of EXPERIENCES, with a comprehensive and strategic vision of the creative process.

We start each project thinking about how we want to make people feel, allowing us to find exciting new ways to bring each brand's story to life.

We develop each phase with maximum commitment, from the creative process, to the supervision of the last details. 

We are very focused on an excellent customer experience and we translate it into our designs.

And, YES! we like to boast that we are SET DESIGNERS and as such, we create tailor-made and memorable universes, with a strategic, inspiring and honest narrative. 

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